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Craft Your Own Orange Garnish

Star-Spangled Banner

  • Peel your orange, then use a paring knife to straighten the sides into a long rectangle. Trim off any excess.
  • On one end of the peel, begin to (gently) cut straight lines in the shape of a star.
  • Use your fingers or a toothpick to gently remove the star silhouette.
  • Place your creation on the rim of a glass using a mini garnish clip, or give it a twist and drop it right in!


The American Twist

  • Peel your orange into a thick slice.
  • Use a paring knife to straighten the sides and angle both ends of the peel.
  • Gently cut a small slit into the center of the peel. (This part is important!)
  • Give it a nice twist, then anchor it into your glass using the slit.


Freedom Fan

  • Peel your orange into a thick slice. Use a paring knife to cut your peel into a football shape. Be sure to clean up the sides and trim off any excess.
  • Make slices of the same football shape within the peel from end to end, inching your way towards the middle. Be careful not to cut these pieces out, as these will be used to create the fan effect.
  • After making all your slices, gently fold the garnish to reveal the fan.
  • Place the garnish on the glass using a mini garnish clip.


Colonial Curl

  • Peel your orange (about 4-6 in. long)
  • Angle all edges until they make a long point.
  • Make a one-inch slice in the middle of the peel.
  • Fold the peel into an oval shape, and place your garnish on your drink by balancing the ends against each other.


The Bluecoat Bowtie

  • Peel your orange (about a 3 in. slice).
  • Starting from the top left corner, cut down diagonally most of the way through.
  • Make a second parallel cut to the left of the first, starting about 1 cm away from the edge. Slice all the way through. (You should have a shape that resembles the letter “N”). 
  • Rotate the right side of the “N” shaped garnish towards you twice.
  • Shift the left point to the right until the points face opposite directions.
  • Place garnish on the rim of the glass. 
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